PRENATAL Care at Willow Midwives

Currently pregnant and seeking a clinic in Minneapolis for care? We have decades of experience as midwives and a passion for providing the highest quality care. You can rely on our team to deliver evidence-based care by midwives who are attentive and interested in YOU and YOUR goals. Your experience is important and we aim to serve.


We recommend that you make an appointment for your first prenatal visit as soon as you know you are pregnant or when you decide to switch care providers.  Many of our clients conclude that their first choice in provider isn't addressing their goals for their birth.  That's where we come in.  Whether you have given birth before or this is your first baby, we can help you maximize your health and comfort during any stage of your pregnancy. During your prenatal appointments, we will monitor your physical and emotional health, your baby’s progress, and address any concerns you have along the way.

As your pregnancy progresses, we will offer appropriate tests, classes, tours and referrals for childbirth education. It is also very important to go over a number of relevant topics, such as maintaining a healthy diet, exercise, travel, having sex during pregnancy, and what types of physical changes to expect.

A pregnant body has a lot of adapting to do and sometimes symptoms accompany those changes.  We are your primary expert in pregnancy. Sometimes symptoms that are intense are harmless and sometimes symptoms are mild can be medically significant. We encourage phone calls and access to us through the medical record portal.

New! We now offer improved prenatal genetic testing to help you and your family prepare for parenthood.