After you’ve given birth with Willow Midwives, we continue your care into the postpartum and newborn periods.

Immediate Postpartum Care

For birth center clients, the first postpartum visit takes place at your home between 24-48 hours after the birth of your baby. At this visit, we will examine you and your baby, perform newborn screening, assist with breastfeeding, and help you get comfortable with your new routine. For those who give birth with us at the hospital, we will continue your care at the hospital until discharge. Our on-call midwives are available by phone 24/7.

Lactation Support

Breastfeeding is a high priority for us and most of our clients, but it isn’t always easy.  We seek to provide sustained support, from Willow Cafe to private in-home appointments throughout your postpartum period. Because your care is always guided by our midwives, our services are generally covered by insurance. Check out our Breastfeeding Support page for more information.

Continuity of Care

We are available throughout your postpartum period and beyond. Typically your postpartum visit(s) occur within the first six weeks postpartum, and we will continue to support you as you navigate birth controlpreconception planning, annual wellness exams, and checkups for maintaining wellness.

Mental Health

We know that you value your physical and emotional wellness and it can be challenging in the postpartum period. Pregnancy and post birth periods are vulnerable times and we are committed to assessing your physical AND mental health regularly. We have a strong network of mental health counselors for necessary referrals and we work with our clients to achieve an ability to cope with the stresses and challenges of early parenting.

As CNM’s we offer prescriptions as needed without judgment. We help you get the help you need. We often involve families and work with you to “build your village”. Nobody should have to do this work of creating families alone.

We would be pleased to go over any concerns you have about your health and your baby’s health. From postpartum depression to newborn development, we are equipped to handle a full spectrum of postpartum care for you and your baby.


Willow Cafe is a community group that is led by a Certified Lactation Consultant and open to all of our newly postpartum clients. Meeting every other Thursday morning, we encourage you to drop in as you are able. Read more and sign up here!

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