Birth Center

We individualize your birth experience. Birth Center care is the model that best demonstrates a low cesarean birth rate and few interventions. See the 2013 Birth Center study. We are a CABC nationally accredited facility focused on safety AND on your wishes. Admissions are smooth and natural because the staff already knows you. The model of care includes discharge to home in 4-6 hours after birth and also includes follow up care in your home.  We provide all of the tests and medications that the State of MN and the CDC recommend and we are close at hand through the whole recovery process.  We work with the health care system, the hospital team and the newborn specialists to provide the best and safest care for you and your newborn. The advantage to birth center birth is best witnessed through the experiences of our many satisfied clients.



We are skilled and experienced providers of natural waterbirth. Currently, the hospitals are involved in a research study which has a very specific criteria allowing waterbirth for a few select clients. Existing global research on waterbirth supports its safety and it is available to all birth center eligible clients. To read real information about the safety of waterbirth see: waterbirth safety.



We are committed to providing the best care possible if your birth will need to be at the hospital. Admissions are more procedural giving the hospital staff an opportunity to understand your history and your wishes. Discharges happen 24-36 hours after the birth. While we screen you for to make sure birth center is a safe option and while we want clients who meet criteria for birth center to start at the birth center, we will follow you and care for you at the hospital if your care needs require.