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Milk Moms

Milk Moms is an accredited and authorized DME provider specializing in breast pumps and insurance billing. Most insurance plans cover a breast pump following the Affordable Care Act guidelines. We do all the hard work of contacting your insurance to verify your coverage and eligibility.


One Strong Mama

One Strong Mama is an exercise program for pregnant moms. Here are some ways it helps and supports:

  • Core and Pelvic Floor support through pregnancy and beyond. What you do during pregnancy will help minimize and prevent problems for life.

  • Prepare the body for an easier birth. We know that there are many factors to birth, but preparing the body for birth creates the opportunity for it to function optimally.

  • Minimizes prenatal aches and pains. This program is great for preventing, minimizing and even getting rid of issues like SPD, SI joint pain, back pain, and more!

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Purchase your vitamins and supplements through our partner, Fullscript!


birthED is an independent childbirth education center in the Twin Cities with offerings that include comprehensive childbirth education courses, express + refresh workshops, VBAC prep classes, and more. Every birthED class carries an emphasis on identifying each student's unique values and philosophies and assures authentic, honest, trained, and certified teachers. With evidenced-based, interactive, and laughter filled classes, birthED strives to promote health and wellness within the whole birthing family. We promise, you won't be bored!



Self hypnosis is utilized by many of our clients for a low intervention childbirth experience.  Two primary methods exist: Hypnobirthing and Hypnobabies.  While these can be self taught, they require lots of practice and the best success is achieved by hiring a certified and trained instructor in one of the methods.  By taking fear out of the equation, the birth process becomes a more manageable and focused experience.


Evidence Based Birth

The provider of this science-based website offers many resources for frequently asked questions regarding your care at Willow.   Our FAQ's that we encourage you to investigate further include:

Baby medications at birth, Group B Strep treatment in labor, pain management, freestanding birth centers and many others are included.


Lily Nichols's books

Lily is our favorite author on the topic of eating in pregnancy.  Please consider purchasing her books through our Willow Amazon Affiliate link below: