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Jane Wrede, CNM, APRN

Jane was raised on a farm in northwest Iowa.  As a child, Jane was often found nurturing a litter of kittens or fishing in a nearby creek.  Her passion for the great outdoors and caring for others paved the way for her interest in nursing.  After high school Jane pursued her Associates of Nursing degree at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon, IA.  She worked in a rural, critical access hospital after she graduated where she learned a wide variety of skills in nursing.  Her growing desire for women’s health lead her to pursue a RN position in Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD.  Her experience with birth at Sanford confirmed her growing desire to become a nurse-midwife. While raising their young family Jane and her husband had an opportunity to move their family to west central Minnesota.  With their move came the opportunity to pursue Jane‘s midwifery degree through the University of Minnesota in 2003.

Combining her passion for rural healthcare access and women’s health, Jane started as a solo nurse-midwife in Chippewa County Montevideo Hospital.  The desire for midwifery care grew quickly in this rural community hospital and the nurse-midwifery practice remains open to this day.  In 2012, Jane returned to South Dakota State University to complete her PhD.  In addition to providing patient-centered and empowered care, Jane also had a growing desire to teach nursing and midwifery.  Her dissertation topic included reproductive life plans and reproductive health counseling.  Since 2010 Jane has been working part-time at Southwest Minnesota Opportunity Council family planning clinic.  This clinic has allowed Jane to care for the reproductive health needs of underserved people. In addition to working part-time as a CNM, Jane is also the director for the Nurse-Midwifery and Doctorate of Nursing Practice programs in Bethel University.

Jane and her husband Dan have 4 children and one grand daughter.  Her two oldest sons are married. Her daughter is a junior in college and she has one son in high school.  Being a mother has always been Jane‘s first priority.  In fact, there were a few years in the middle of pursuing different degrees and nurse-midwifery positions that Jane had the opportunity to stay home and raise her children.  The birth of her children and raising them has been the greatest joy of her life.  As a midwife, Jane often recalls her own personal joys and struggles of being a mother to inform her on ways to counsel and care for clients now birthing and raising their own children.

As a certified nurse midwife, Jane strives to provide empowering care to clients and their families.  Her goal is to meet clients “where they are at” in their own personal journey.  Jane wants clients to be informed and educated in making their own choices around childbirth, reproduction and health promotion.  Jane‘s interest includes physiological birth, reproductive health, teen pregnancy and health, and midwifery education.

Jane lives with her husband, their two unmarried children, her two labs Marley and Peanut. Her interests include lake time and activities, attending her kids sporting events, gardening, traveling, baking and enjoying family and friends.